3 examples of B2B influencer marketing

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Creating an effective b2b strategy is vital for improving both external and internal business relations.

B2b influencer marketing is very useful in enabling you to reach a larger demographic. Through influencers who use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, you are able to advertise your product/service to larger audiences.

In this post, we are going to share 3 examples of b2b influencer strategies that will illustrate how you too can utilize b2b influencers to reach larger audiences. It is recommended that you seek influencers who are relevant to your strategy and will allow you to succeed in the online atmosphere.

Before we dive into our examples, it is vital for us to explain what a b2b marketing influencer strategy involves. B2b influencer strategies involves utilizing online personalities/users with large followings to promote your business. For example, Fashion Nova is a prominent online clothing retailer. To promote their different outfits and offerings, they utilize influencers On social media such as Instagram to showcase their product. This strategy increases their sales and overall exposure.

Example 1: IBM- Employees Become Ambassadors


IBM uses a unique influencer strategies to promote their products through social media. They utilize employee advocacy to propel news about their technology and products.  On different social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram,  IBM employees become sales reps as they promote the company’s software and products to target markets.

In a way, this strategies mirrors that of a word of mouth strategy. This is a great way to utilize employees as apart of your marketing strategy, further extending their application. This strategy also creates a sense of pride within employees, they become ambassadors for the brand they work for.

IBM developed their own application to propel their employee influencer strategy. IBM Verse integrates capabilities such as instant messaging, file sharing, and connection to social networks. The application allows you to effectively  manage and communicate with employees large scale, saving time and resources. IBM is a great example of a company utilizing resources to propel their marketing strategies.

Example 2: SAP- Influencer Strategy


SAP is a software company that specifies in developing custom business software.

SAP utilizes consultants, authors, and academics to share their software and offerings. They seek individuals with a large influence in specific target markets and ask the influencer to engage with the audience while using their product. In return, this generates demand for SAP products.

SAP is savvy with how they utilize their b2b influencer strategy. Rather than seeking specific influencers who will showcase all their products, they look for specific software that will resonate with the target audience. Their goal is not to only create exposure, but to generate demand among the influencer’s audience.

To increase exposure beyond consumer-facing events, SAP broadened their annual user conference to live-video. Live-video has tremendous application as it allows you to engage with a larger audience who otherwise would not be able to attend an event at a specific location. SAP is not only able to communicate with their own audience, but share the stream through influencers, thus broadening their overall reach.

Example 3: American Express- Social Media


American Express specifically targets influencers who portray opulent lifestyles through channels such as Instagram. These influencers embody a luxurious brand image, which American Express is seeking while marketing their service. As the influencer engages in a luxurious lifestyle such as traveling and spending, American Express is able to portray special privileges that come with their platinum card.

In the influencer’s posts, they refer to American Express in hashtags such as #AmexPlatinum and #AmexAmbassador. These influencers position American Express as a luxury credit card company that provides a plethora of benefits to cardholders.

Although the Amex Platinum Card b2b strategy is positioned for an exclusive/niche market such as executives and celebrities, it is effective in welcoming these audiences to the luxurious world of the platinum card. Utilizing these influencers also allows American Express to increases the creativity of their campaign and positioning strategy as they have multiple personalities creating content rather than one agency.

Social media is an effective vehicle in developing positive relations with influencers with large followings. Through these individuals, companies are able to increase exposure of their content and offerings. This b2b strategy is more effective than spending thousands of dollars On Facebook advertising.