3 Ways to Simplify Your Approach to SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) initially appears to be a confusing art form. How exactly does my business stand out amidst a crowded Internet landscape? However, SEO does not have to be complicated when you have the right approach.

There are many resources that detail how to best craft your SEO strategy from books to website articles to online courses but instead of spending an excessive amount of time reading everything out there, consider altering your approach to focus on doing a few things well.

Blogging is Essential

While publishing one blog post per day is ambitious, a far more attainable goal, without becoming overwhelmed, is to focus on publishing two blog posts per week. The more your voice is heard, the greater the chance that people will visit your site. However, make sure that your blog posts are carefully selected as constitutive of your overall marketing strategy. Quality supersedes quantity.

In addition to two blog posts per week, another technique you could implement periodically is guest blogging. Guest blogging provides exposure to a much wider audience and can provide numerous benefits including strengthening brand awareness, building your personal brand and generating leads. The second approach will illustrate how to do this specific step.

Interact with Key Influencers in Your Field

If an essential component of your content marketing strategy is guest blogging, there are several ways to start.

One of these ways is inherently linked to altering your SEO approach. Make sure to network with other businesses related to your field of focus. If you are focused on a specific industry, think of the bigger picture to figure out who to connect with to reach across different areas of your business.

Your interaction with key influencers could be through networking. Afterwards, further interactions could come in the form of guest blogging. By cross-promoting each other, more people will find an alternative route to get to your website.

Optimize Your Time with Analytics and Website Management

After implementing the previous two steps, remember to optimize your time each week. Spending time analyzing your website data with Google Analytics or a similar platform, coupled with using that data to optimize your website will enable your website’s SEO to stand out more prominently. For example, through Google Analytics you may notice one page on your website draws more attention. One way to optimize your website would be to use this data to craft similar pages in other parts of your website.

Analytics may indicate your website’s loading times are lagging. Correcting this issue will allow you to increase the visitors to your website.


These three tips represent initial steps to take in tackling the seemingly daunting challenge that SEO poses. By following these tips, you will start to see an uptick in your reach and garner more leads to your website.