5 Ways to Level Up Your Marketing

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Every small business or start up seeks to distinguish itself from its competitors. The challenge lies in how exactly that is accomplished. There are many techniques companies can utilize to improve their marketing prowess. However, Centori narrowed the myriad number of ways to solidify your marketing strategy down to five tips.

Look at these following tips to see how your company can start achieving its marketing goals today.

Blog Consistently

Blogging consistently is one way to enhance your marketing strategy. Blogging allows you to share your ideas in your industry and become a thought leader along the way. Your expertise becomes a valuable tool for you as you evolve into a trusted source for your audience. Blogging can consist of writing shorter articles such as these or even attempting to publish an e-book to dive deeper into a topic.

However, in order to truly enhance your marketing goals, you must blog consistently. Establish a calendar and set a time frame for how often you want to blog. Another important tip in blogging is to be strategic about your content. Think about how this article meets your audience’s needs. Successful bloggers also make their content evergreen by writing on a topic that endures months from publication.

Blogging regularly, whether that is once or twice per week or even once per month, is one important tactic to work toward your marketing goals.

Build an Email Newsletter

Ideally, your target audience will be able to visit your website every day for updates on your industry. Realistically, however, their own jobs will keep them occupied. One way to stay in touch with your audience is to build an email newsletter. When a visitor clicks on your website, make sure there is an easily identifiable place where they can sign up for a weekly newsletter. By capturing email addresses, you have a sense of how many people are really interested in your services. Getting an accurate number of sign-ups is important because it allows you to set future marketing goals.

In the email newsletter, make sure your content is relevant, interesting or valuable to your audience. You can accomplish this by stylizing your newsletter to be simple and eye-catching while also providing third-party or perhaps even user-generated content from your audience.

Like blogging, make sure you devote ample time to creating a solid weekly newsletter to keep your audience informed and engaged even if they don’t visit your website every week.

Learn How to Be Comfortable Asking For Reviews

Asking for reviews can be intimidating. Criticism may be difficult to accept at first but content marketing is a constantly-evolving field. By refusing to adapt to changing circumstances, others will view you as out of touch with contemporary marketing trends.

Reviews of your blog, business, newsletter or your services can help you adapt your products to best fit your audience’s needs. By encouraging your audience to write reviews about your business, you can build a strong reputation for other prospective customers. Your website could contain a page of testimonials from customers reviewing your products and you could encourage new visitors to write a review of their own.

Once someone reviews something about your business, make sure to respond whether that is through email or social media. Acknowledging their voice is essential to building trust with your audience.

Reviews can be a powerful tool that you can share over an email newsletter or on social media.

Maintain An Active Social Presence

One of the most important ways to level up your marketing is to maintain an active social presence across all social media platforms. First, make sure to determine what platforms your audience uses the most. By doing research either online or over your newsletter, you can figure out how your audience stays updated on your industry.

Once you determine what social media sites they frequently visit, make sure to reach them whether that it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or another social media site.

Like blogging, the goal of an active social media presence is to build relationships, not followers. Responding to customers’ needs or comments on your posts is a great way to make them ambassadors for your business.

Social media may demand a lot of your time throughout the course of the day but, like blogging, establishing an editorial calendar for when you will post or respond to comments is a great way to stay on task and pursue your other marketing goals.

Have a Good Value Proposition

The last tip to level up your marketing strategy is to have a good value proposition. A value proposition is an innovation, service or feature intended to make your product or company attractive to consumers. Ask yourself what makes your business unique? What can we offer that others that makes us different and beneficial to our audience?

Hubspot provides some key guidelines on writing a good value proposition. First, identify all the benefits your product offers. Then, describe what makes these benefits valuable. Afterwards, identify your customer’s main problem, connect your benefits to the buyer’s problem and differentiate yourself as the preferred provider of this value.


With these five tips in mind, you can start to see some tangible results in your marketing goals. Set aside time today to strategize on how best to start using these tips to enhance your marketing strategy.