Hi, We're Centori

Our story

Centori began with a question: Why is content marketing so hard? 

It’s no surprise that things like blogging, social media, and email are important to an effective marketing strategy. What is surprising is how hard it is to get those things right. It’s never been easier to start a business but growing one is harder than ever. Added to that, if you’re just starting our trying to build your brand, it can be overwhelming just getting started with a basic content strategy.

What's Centori?

At Centori we believe that things like SEO and building a content strategy should be simple and accessible for small teams. We’ve carried that mission through every service we offer. Whether it’s web development, SEO work, or giving you access to our own software – your growth is our goal. 

Our name has a couple meanings. On one hand we’re named for Alpha Centauri and believe that each piece of content you create should fit into a larger story, like a constellation among the stars. Secondly, Alpha Centauri is part of the Centaurus constellation which depicts Chiron, a centaur in Greek mythology who trained heroes such as Hercules.

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Our mission is to make you a marketing hero for your business.

It's content marketing, not rocket science