Now live: Everything in Free

Seriously, everything.

We’ve been thinking long and hard in Centori, and we’ve realized that the tools we are building need to be accessible to all marketers.

Whether you’re a startup that really just needs some help getting going, or a team at an established business that wants to try things out before taking the plunge with your entire team we want you to access powerful tools that help you grow.

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Now live: New and improved SEO dashboard and tasks

We’re pretty excited about this update as we’ve got one of the biggest changes we’ve made to Centori since we first released the SEO dashboard. In this update we have made one of our biggest jumps towards enabling you to create an effective and engaging content strategy.

Creating content for your business can be daunting, it’s hard to keep track of the progress you’ve made, as well as ensuring you’re actually making an impact with the content you’re creating.

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Blogging Basics

3 reasons to care about your website’s SEO

93% of web browsing experiences begin with a search engine. It’s 2019 and SEO, search engine optimization, is extremely important.

We’ve covered SEO extensively on our site, but as a refresher search engine optimization is a set of rules used to improve your search engine ranking and increase both the popularity and quality of your website. At it’s core search engine optimization can also make websites more user friendly and easier to navigate.

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Marketing University

How often should my business blog?

Starting a blog for your business is an excellent first step in content marketing. Blogging is one of the best ways to build your brand and drive traffic to your website – when done consistently.

Plenty of folks dip their toes into the world of blogging, get excited, and then go months between posts or worse, never write another post. Then down the line they’ll wonder ‘why blogging never worked for them’ and figure it’s not for their business. Blogging may suit some industries better than others, but if you’re not consistent with your blog then you won’t see results.

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Marketing University

How to find topics to blog about

Blogging is a classic example of content marketing, and for good reason. Having a blog on your website just may be one of the best ways to market to your prospects.

It’s true, blogging helps you position yourself as a thought leader, gives you content to share to prospects and leads, and gives your website more indexable content to appear on Google. Those are some pretty big benefits, especially to a small business trying to compete.

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Now live: Hootsuite integration in our newsfeed for easy…

When we released our Buffer integration towards the end of 2018 we knew we were taking a big step towards making social media marketing a lot more straightforward.

Buffer is a great social media scheduling platform, but not everyone uses it. So we’ve decided to add Hootsuite to the mix as well making it simple to load recent content for the Constellations or Keywords that you have saved and schedule a week’s worth of social posts to the channels connected to your Hootsuite account.

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