Business Fundamentals

3 cost effective marketing strategies to expand your brand

When it comes to building your business and brand you’ll have to juggle between sparing no expense and pinching every penny you’ve got.

Your design and content must be top notch to jump ahead of your competitors, but you don’t want to go so far in the red that you shut everything down. Fortunately, building a brand that resonates with your target market doesn’t have to be expensive – it just requires being smart with your budget.

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Social Media

The 5 “tweeters” you never want to be

I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of Twitter.

It’s such a versatile and useful tool to grow your blog, and I honestly think it is chronically underutilized. Sure Facebook was the original successful social media (sorry MySpace), and Instagram was the one that attracted aspiring “models” and got bought out, but there is just something about Twitter, and micro blogging in general that you need to use in your growth strategy.

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Blogging Basics

The power of consistency: blogging early and blog often

So your business has a blog – that’s awesome! Welcome to a journey that will (hopefully) bring you more traffic to your website and ultimately more leads. Whether you’re in finance, biotech, or healthcare there is plenty of content you could be creating for your audience.

But how often should you blog? Once a month, a week, or a day? It’s a subtly hard question, so let’s dive in.

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Social Media

Social Networking: More than food and cat pics

You’ve rolled your eyes when a colleague mentions using Twitter as a marketing strategy.

Twitter? You scoff. That’s for over-sharers. It’s for people who tweet selfies off the toilet, pictures of their scrambled eggs, or faux inspirational quotes.

I’ve been there. It’s narcissistic I thought, No one gives a crap what I think. And that’s 100% true. But much like networking social-networking isn’t so much about telling people about yourself as much as it is letting them do the talking and telling them what they want to hear. Read more “Social Networking: More than food and cat pics”