promoting a blog on linkedin Marketing Tips

The keys to promoting a Blog on LinkedIn

When writing any blog, one of the most important considerations before you put your fingers to the keyboard is to figure out how people will know about it. Sure, you can promote the blog on your website, Facebook and Twitter. But what if your audience is not aware of your website and has almost no presence on those other social media sites? That’s why this week we’re writing about promoting a blog on LinedIn. Read more “The keys to promoting a Blog on LinkedIn”

five things to consider when creating a blog Blogging Basics

Five things to consider when creating a blog

You could be just beginning a job as a communications specialist for an important non-profit advancing a vital cause and looking to raise money to continue its philanthropic efforts. Perhaps you are looking to sell a product and are looking for ways to showcase its diverse and varied uses. Or maybe you are simply looking to share your thoughts with other folks who share your common interest. Read more “Five things to consider when creating a blog”

social campaigns Marketing Tips

5 social campaigns you need to be running

Now I know I’ve said it before, but I want to do an entire post on this subject: social media is really important. Not just for your blog, but for your entire business and marketing strategy. Not only is social media free, it’s highly effective, very broad, and easy to use once you get the hang of it. So without further delay let’s get to our social campaigns you absolutely have to be running. Read more “5 social campaigns you need to be running”

creating a blogger persona Blogging Basics

Crafting a blogger persona

I’ve written on the importance of blogging with some flair before, however I wanted to go a bit more in depth this week. I’ve touched many times on the fact that people don’t just read blogs to be educated, they read them to be entertained. While there is a great deal that goes into entertaining and delighting your readers, the best place to start is crafting your blogger persona. Read more “Crafting a blogger persona”

the popularity of blogging is higher than ever Blogging Basics

The rise and popularity of blogging

I take the train to work most every morning and more often than not I see my fellow passengers glued to their phones or tablets. More often than not, they are reading blogs which is why this week’s post is on the popularity of blogging.

From the fresh-faced kid starting a new job and the older gentlemen passing the time all the way to the mother corralling her children while trying to find some sanity, people are reading blogs. 10 years ago blogs were written by single, balding men living in their mother’s basements. They were chronically “uncool,” as were their readers, but today the popularity of blogging keeps on rising.

Read more “The rise and popularity of blogging”