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Going home: We’re officially based in Worcester

It’s a surreal experience.

It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon. I was doing the exact same thing I’ve been doing the past few months: sitting at my laptop, coffee in hand, coding and prepping for a meeting. Just this time, it’s the coffee shop on my college campus – Holy Cross, Worcester MA.

Woah, why was I there? Let’s do a recap. Read more “Going home: We’re officially based in Worcester”

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Next up in product: Your personal Branding Playbook

Something I’ve found out after years working in marketing is that people do not know how to market. They know how to sell, but not market. Selling is pretty basic. I have this thing, you need this thing, so buy it. Marketing is different though, it facilitates the sale, it leads up to the sale, but it does not sell. Read more “Next up in product: Your personal Branding Playbook”

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Our latest journey: The Founder Institute

It was around a year ago that I first came up for the idea for Blog Trackr. It was born as a solution for bloggers and marketers like me who wanted to get ahead of the competition. And boy is there competition. Then, around five months ago, we released the first iteration of Blog Trackr as a private beta. And now we’ve got Blog Trackr free. Read more “Our latest journey: The Founder Institute”

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Our ‘why’: the story of Blog Trackr

Tech startups are 2017’s gold rush. Everyone is running to them with dollar signs in their eyes and many are walking away disappointed. Isn’t ironic that the tech boom is happening in California? The many who flood into Silicon Valley aren’t necessarily failing because they are underfunded or have bad ideas, though that may contribute, they are failing because they don’t know why they are trying in the first place. Read more “Our ‘why’: the story of Blog Trackr”

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Next version of Blog Trackr on the way

In December 2016 we unveiled the first iteration of the Blog Trackr app. Powered by the Alchemy API we were able to allow users to input their blog URL, and receive a customized newsfeed. This was initially based on the keywords in your blog posts.

It looked a little something like this:

It was a solid beta, though I thought we could do better. And I thought, quite frankly, you deserved a lot more. That’s why we reworked the Blog Trackr app. We perfected the machine behind it to bring better results based on your post content, topic, and emotional index rather than just keywords. These won’t just be slightly similar results, or a somewhat customized newsfeed. It will be a perfectly customized newsfeed, and it’s completely automated. That’s right. The articles you want at the click of a button.

We’re also planning on creating a custom Twitter news stream based on the keywords in your posts, giving you a birds eye view of what’s going on in your market. Not only will you receive the articles you should be writing about, you’ll get to see what’s happening on social media that you should be responding to.

Right now we’ve got it looking a little something like this:

I’m extremely excited by what I’ve been seeing since our first beta. And I truly feel that the next iteration of the Blog Trackr app will be something you will remember and find useful in boosting out your blog.

As great as it’s looking now though, this is just the beginning. Thank you for going along for the ride this far, as we’ve got so much further to go. I hope you like the next version and test it out on its release data (still working on this!).

Be prepared though, this is just the start. We’re going to be rolling out plenty of updates, new features, and continue to polish this off throughout 2017. Ultimately we plan to release a chrome extension, as well as mobile app so you can take your news on the go. But for now, we want this perfect because you deserve an app that is perfect.

By the end of the year I think you’ll have your new favorite assistant helping you take your blog to the top. In fact, I think it’ll be the best tool in your blogging belt.

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Blog Trackr now live for testing

I was walking to the grocery store this time last year when I first had the idea for Blog Trackr. I was thinking about what made Monstah Mash so special, and how I could help other bloggers like me.

I realized that directly consulting wasn’t the way to go. While the passion was certainly there, there are limits to what I can physically do. After all there’s only one of me and many blogs out there. Plus who would give their time and money to a 23 year old kid with a sports blog? So then I thought, why not automate it? Monstah Mash was a success because we curated a certain type of content that our readers came to expect. They wanted funny, so we gave them funny. We see it all the time though, radio stations, tv channels… people fall in love with niche providers, blogs included.

But that’s hard.

It’s hard searching the web for the right story. Trust me, these days any kid with an internet connection can start a blog and write about everything, leaving bloggers like me, well, a bit lost in the shuffle. Rather than write everything I had to write about the right things. I had to create truly remarkable content that would bring readers back for more.

Enter Blog Trackr.

How it works

With Blog Trackr you will be able to create a customized newsfeed for your blog at the touch of a button. It’s that simple.  Gone are the days of searching the web for topics to write and sources to quote. We do all that for you. We use the Alchemy API powered by IBM’s Watson to analyze your blog’s content and metadata, then search the entire web for articles that are comparable. We then create a newsfeed of these articles for you to view–all in a matter of seconds. Imagine if, instead of searching the web, the web brought the news to you.

We imagined that, and we built it. What took days and back and forth for approval is done in an instant as we bring the news you want before you even know you wanted it. Through Blog Trackr creating a niche blog and cultivating a unique brand will be as effortless as clicking your mouse or touch pad, and we bring this to you 100% free of charge.

That’s right, it’s free and you can access it here.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning, we’ve got some pretty big plans for Blog Trackr. Early in 2017 we will take our code to create a Google Chrome extension so you can access it from your browser with ease. Next we want to revamp and refine our algorithm to make Blog Trackr the best tool in your chest when it comes to blogging. While a machine won’t be an exact clone for your wit and personality, we want to make this app as darn close as possible.

Down the line we aim to create a mobile app that will send notifications as new articles enter your feed keeping you updated on the go, as well as the ability to “thumb up” or “thumb down” articles to evolve your feed. What’s more we want to track your top performing posts and keywords giving you a marketing and blogging assistant like no other. We’ll need you help to get there though, and invite you to take the next step on this journey with us.

So kick back and relax with your drink of choice, because we’re going to take care of everything for you from here on out. It’s time to have fun blogging again.


Blog Trackr News

Beta test fast approaching!

Hard to believe it’s less than a month away for our beta test!

I first came up with the concept for Blog Trackr back in December 2015 and here we are November 2016 with our app ready to be tested live by users around the world! Pretty cool huh? Since our founding, and site launch earlier this year in June we have dedicated ourselves to blogging.

As a former sports blogger, I love blogging and bloggers. It’s the new way to consume and share news, writers like you and me can make a name for ourselves and gain a following. How cool is that? It gets even cooler though thanks to the Blog Trackr app. For now our app will function as a web app on our site free for all to use. Here’s a little preview:


You will be able to insert your blog URL and receive a fully customized newsfeed just for you.

We’re already planning ahead though. In 2017 we aim to release the Blog Trackr chrome extension and mobile app. Both of which will run automatically in the background creating a constantly evolving newsfeed to help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to deciding on what to write. Gone are the days of researching topics and keywords, we’ll do all of that for you leaving you to barely lift a finger.

From one blogger to another, you’re awesome and I want to help. With our Blog Trackr app you’ll be able to automate the content curation process and focus on what really matters. I’m pretty thrilled about what we are doing, and hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Stay tuned for more news as we inch closer to the beta test! Haven’t signed up and are interested? Email me at to get involved!