Growth Hacking Marketing Tips

Growth hacking tips that aren’t a waste of time

Growth hacking is essential to optimize efficiency. Imagine that you are in a competition with your neighbors to see who can grow the best garden. To gain a competitive advantage, you want your garden to grow at the fastest rate possible. You purchase the richest fertilizer and seek tactics that will allow your garden to grow at maximum efficiency. This is growth hacking in short. Read more “Growth hacking tips that aren’t a waste of time”

Marketing Tips

How Blog Trackr can automate your content strategy

Let’s face it, content marketing can be difficult. The slow and steady pace of growth can be discouraging in the days of fast-paced business growth. We all want real growth and we want it now. Especially for smaller teams that need to scale, not everyone has time to run a social, blog, email, <fill in the blank> content strategy.

Here’s a secret – we don’t have the time either. When it comes to our marketing efforts we practice what we preach and use Blog Trackr to drive our newsfeed. This post will detail how you can start using Blog Trackr to automate your content strategy and drive your business forward.

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Cost-Effective Marketing Tips

Cost-Effective Marketing Plays

Expensive marketing campaigns work for businesses with large budgets. However, for most small businesses, budgeting your money effectively matters. Sometimes marketers even question where the budget for content marketing will come from or why it is so expensive.

If you are a small business looking to market your content effectively, it is important to consider simple ways to spread your message without forfeiting a large portion of your budget.

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Marketing Tips

Marketing flywheel vs marketing funnel, which to use for…

At this year’s Inbound conference it was announced that the flywheel is the way to go when it comes to marketing. Typically marketers and businesses operated on a funnel – contacts visit your site (because you are a good inbound marketer), fill out a form, and the process continues from there. The marketing funnel was a good strategy for a while, but what is this new marketing flywheel and where does it fit in with today’s marketing approach?

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Buyer's Journey Marketing Tips

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Potential customers for your blog or business often participate in the same ways of thinking. This journey can be divided into distinct phases or stages. While it can be tough to generalize someone’s thought process, buyers often think about their problems and solutions in identifiable ways. Numerous articles point to these steps as the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage.

These steps may not progress from one step to the other. Sometimes buyers go back and forth between these stages. During each of these steps, there is an opportunity for your blog or business to interact with these buyers.

This article will focus on these different stages and the opportunities that they provide for your blog or business. Often, these steps provide the chances to improve your content marketing strategy.

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Marketing Tips

Setting your email strategy up for success with subscription…

Email is one of those things that all companies do, but no one really knows why or how to do efficiently. Huh, that sounds like a great deal of content marketing streams like blogging or social media. Content marketing is more than simply creating content and pushing it out to the masses, it’s about targeting the content you create; email is no different. That’s why we’re diving into the right way to handle email subscription types so that you can email like you mean it. 

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