Now live: A new site optimization dashboard

Site optimization is one of the more technical aspects of SEO, but that shouldn’t mean that it needs to be inaccessible. While optimizing a site may always be tedious, we believe that it should be simple and straightforward enough for anyone to tackle and improve their rank.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new site optimization experience that breaks down your site to help your team prioritize tasks and target specific issues with ease.

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Centori Pro and Enterprise: simple, yet powerful, SEO software…

Centori is proud to release a completely new suite of tools in January 2020.

I founded Centori with one core mission: to make SEO software accessible and scalable for small teams and businesses.

SEO gets such a bad reputation for being complex. To make matters worse, there are more than enough folks selling ‘SEO services’ without adding true value to their clients making folks wonder whether it’s worth it or possible to rank.

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Now live: Enhanced Google Analytics Dashboards

SEO is great, but how do you know if it’s working?

I love SEO but sometimes it even has us scratching our heads wondering whether it’s making a difference.

SEO without analytics is like trying to go for a nice ocean swim at 1am – you have no idea where you’re going and stand a good chance at getting lost (or eaten by a shark, fortunately that’s quite rare in SEO). That’s why we’ve kicked our Google Analytics dashboards up a notch to bring you a set of dashboards to give you a high level view of how your site and content are performing.

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Now live: SERP data for your tracked keywords

SERP analysis is a crucial part of any SEO strategy – so we built it into the Centori platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term SERPs stand for search engine results pages, to learn more about them check out our full post What the heck are SERPs and why are they important. Knowing how to leverage them may be one of the best tools in your tool belt as a marketer.

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Now live: Keyword lists and enhanced SEO tooling

Say goodbye to our old SEO tools and say hello to our new keyword lists.

SEO can complicated, but our tools shouldn’t be. That’s one thing I’ve always disliked about most SEO tools out there – they are hard to use. It’s why we founded Centori and it’s why we’re constantly striving to balance powerful software with a clean UX, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our shift to keyword lists.

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Now live: Enhanced SEO insights for tracked pages

When it comes to improving your rank on Google, you need to make sure that your content is fully optimized for the web. That can be hard to do at scale though, not to mention difficult if you aren’t a web developer.

Our latest enhancement to our SEO tools will give you everything you need to manage and review the pages on your website so you can outrank your competition.

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Company News

Get ready for our biggest updates yet

Hey everyone Tyler here, for this updated I wanted to get a bit personal.

When I founded Centori it was loosely based off of my process for blogging. I had experience working for sports blogs, and marketing departments at some smaller companies and knew what it took to generate a brand. Then I went on to work at HubSpot where I realized that there are thousands of businesses out there who need help marketing.

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