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Hey everyone Tyler here, for this updated I wanted to get a bit personal.

When I founded Centori it was loosely based off of my process for blogging. I had experience working for sports blogs, and marketing departments at some smaller companies and knew what it took to generate a brand. Then I went on to work at HubSpot where I realized that there are thousands of businesses out there who need help marketing.

There are powerful tools, but what the heck do I do with them? I would hear that question constantly and knew there had to be a solution for these folks.

And that’s where Centori evolved. It’s not just marketing, it’s knowing how to market well. It’s the startup that’s just getting their message out, or the business trying to share something to Facebook for the first time.

Everywhere you look there are people trying to achieve their dreams and I wanted to help them.

But I can’t help everyone, not directly at least. Which is where Centori comes in. Centori is about taking an effective approach to marketing and making it simple. It’s about giving our users a topic and keyword strategy out of the box, providing them with content to fuel their marketing pipelines, and reporting on what works.

What’s more, we’ve added a host of new tools. We’ve made a video to breakdown the changes across the app with summaries below.

A new design

Steve Jobs once said that design isn’t how something looks, it’s how it works. Our mission is to make content marketing simple, so our design should reflect that.

We’ve simplified our interface, reducing the colors across the app and highlighting the key features in our new and improved dashboard.

In our new dashboard we call out:

  • Your site performance at a glance
  • The topics you have saved
  • Upcoming tasks you have scheduled.

Along with links to the major sections of the product to manage these. Just take a look here:

That’s not all though, we’re just getting started!

Enhanced SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization is not easy, there are full-time positions dedicated to it and expensive software to boot. At Centori we try to break down two essential components of SEO – keyword strategy, and content auditing.

Keyword Strategy

When we crawl your website we analyze it for core topics for your business. These are the ‘main ideas’ we pick up from your brand. Ideas you want to be known for and seen as an expert on.

For each topic, there are 5-10 keywords related to it that your prospects are searching for on Google, so we build out topic clusters for you automatically. You can manage the keywords saved in your clusters, but we want to give you a big head start.

We save those keywords and group them together for you so when you run a news search by topic we are searching based off all these keywords.

For each keyword we show average monthly search volume over the past year on Google, the competition for the keyword (how many other people are creating content around this keyword), and the value it presents to your website.

Content auditing.

When we crawl your site we associate every page with a topic. When you head to ‘Manage Pages’ you can view the breakdown and see how your pages are distributed across topics.

Are you a bit light on one topic?

Start running news searches and find some articles to inspire your next post and round out your content strategy!

Topic analytics

So how are these pages actually performing?

Now we can report on them. Connect your Google Analytics account to start leveraging our powerful analytics dashboard complete with a breakdown on visits to your site by topic.

See which topic is performing the best, and where your marketing efforts should be spent.

Task statuses

A big part of task management is knowing how you’re doing and what’s actually been done. We’ve always shown whether Tasks are overdue, but never their actual status. Is the blog post you assigned last week started or has it fallen to the wayside?

Now we can view that with our task status which ranges from ‘Not Started’ to ‘Completed’.

A brand new content editor

It’s one thing to know what type of content to create, and another to create content that ranks and converts.

Ideally your content is 800 words or more (longer content performs better when it comes to Google ranking and authority), well-written, easy to read and understand, and grammatically correct.

Sheesh that’s a lot to keep track of.

Not everyone has a grammar or SEO expert writing their blogs with them, so we built one. Our guided content editor will highlight areas to improve your text, from weak phrasing to complicated sentences we want to ensure the next piece of content you create is absolutely perfect.

This editor is available for all Free and Starter users, Starter users will have the ability to save drafts and share them with team members (coming soon!).

We want to partner with you

We’ve always thought of ourselves as a software company, but lately I’ve thought of Centori as a ‘people company’.

Marketing takes work. It requires human effort to get things done and while I think our platform is pretty great you may still be left wondering where to start.

That’s okay, in fact it’s completely normal. Content strategy and marketing are huge fields by themselves and large companies have big teams dedicated to them.

If you’re not a large company though maybe you don’t have a big team for this, which is where we come in. At Centori we’re hyper-focused on helping you grow. Whether it’s just using out platform or working with us to level up your team, your success is our mission.

That’s why we’re adding additional services onto our platform. From onboarding packages and guiding your team on content strategy to partnering with your team and sharing the marketing workload we’re here for you.

We offer packages including:

  • Team onboarding
  • Strategic guidance
  • Content creation (blog, social, email)
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Dedicated support
  • Personalized trainings on content marketing principles for your team

Running a business is hard, so don’t go it alone.

Want to learn more?

Whether you’re looking for a touchless and automated solution with our platform, or a partner to help you grow your business we’ve got you covered.

We’ve summarized our product and service offerings to dig deeper into how we can help you grow. Learn more about our service offerings here: