Now live: Save and share drafts

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We’re excited to announce latest change to Centori: the ability to save blog drafts and share them with your team. 

At Centori we’re all about creating marketing tools designed to help teams scale. Blogging is one of the best ways to improve your brand and generate traffic to your site. Why does this matter? Well, more traffic equals more leads, and more leads means more money in your bank account. But getting traffic can be difficult. With the web growing more and more crowded each day it’s hard attracting attention with your content. 

Which is why your content needs to be perfect. Your content needs to be well-written. Optimized for the web. It needs to be something that Google would proudly show on the first page of results. 

So we built an editor to help you get there.

What is it

That’s why we first introduced our guided content editor. As you enter new content it highlights areas to improve while giving a live word count and read time estimate. But we knew we could do more. You’re not going to write your next blog post all in one go. That’s why we’ve added the ability to save drafts and share them with your team. 

With Centori you can find inspiration for your next series of blog posts and now you can create them in app too. Thanks to our guided blog editor, each piece of content your team creates will be optimized for the web. We’ll make sure it’s simple, easy to read, and long enough to rank well and build up the brand you are trying to establish.

You can view your drafts in our handy table:

And edit them just like this demo:

Running a business is hard. Leave running and scaling your blog to us so you can focus on what truly matters.

Who gets it

The guided editor will continue to be live for all accounts. 

The ability to create and save drafts is live for Starter accounts. Not upgraded yet and want to give it a test run? You can kick off a 30-day free trial in the Billing section to give our paid features a try. .