They're more than just speakers

We’re thrilled to be working with Gleeman, a Hong Kong based bluetooth device company.

Gleeman is a small team of music enthusiasts and engineers who believe the devices we use to listen to music should be as beautiful as they are functional. Often times we see devices encased in plastic and they just feel so standard – Gleeman is on a mission to change that by bringing stylish accents to everyday technology.

It’s a mission we believe in ourselves, as people passionate about design and the experience you can provide to your customers and prospects.

Gleeman’s primary product, the Leatherweight speaker, is a portable bluetooth speaker made of metal and encased in leather providing a stylish and sophisticated look and feel. They’re working on earbuds and speaker-sunglasses as well so stay tuned for a suite of products on their site!

Our work

We began working with Gleeman in August 2019, helping them optimize their Amazon listings to boost sales as well as building a social media marketing strategy to drive organic traffic to their listings and website. 


Our first task was to establish a brand voice and mission to convey to customers, we decided to center around the product’s style and natural materials which lends itself easily to a technology lifestyle brand. 

Being in the bluetooth speaker device business, Gleeman stacks up against Bose, Beats, Skullcandy, and Jabra as competitors. They’re not a fitness brand as much as they are a brand for music lovers and working professionals who value style in addition to function. We focused on emphasizing Gleeman’s stance that technology should meet you where you are, and fit into your life as a focal piece and not some stale accessory. This shaped our re-write of the posting as well as a focus for future copywriting. 

Social Media

We then crafted a social media strategy based on their top competitors, focusing on Instagram and Facebook as the platforms lend themselves well to visual content and are ripe for B2C companies to leverage. 

Check out our work for them on social and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook for updates, offers, and more. 

We can’t wait to watch this company continue to grow and build their brand internationally!