M3 Wealth Advisors

Financial management for the 21st century

M3 Wealth Advisors is a private wealth management firm based out of Boston MA.

Run by a team of dedicated staff, this organization works to ensure their clients can protect and preserve their savings, while hitting their financial goals year in and year out. Through automated index investing all the way to a more personal touch through their insurance and estate planning services, M3 wants to make financial management accessible and modern for investors at any stage in life. 

Our work

We’re extremely excited to partner with M3 Wealth Advisors at number of levels.

Branding and Design

Our first project for M3 was overhauling their site’s branding and design, giving them a clean and modern website that matched their investment services and approach. We developed a color palette with them, designed a website and series of landing pages, and assisted on copywriting and editing for content. 

SEO and Digital Marketing

M3 is one of our earliest Centori platform users, leveraging the power of our automated SEO and content curation tooling to power their marketing efforts. Through our platform they’re able to monitor relevant keywords and topics, report on their site’s analytics, and keep up on the news in their industry and leverage our integrations to automate their social publishing.

We have high hopes for them as they continue to build their presence in the Metro Boston area, and beyond