Best practice: Using the Newsfeed to curate content

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We get it, content marketing is hard.

Creating content regularly – whether it be your blog, social media channels, or email newsletters – is difficult when you’ve got a number of other responsibilities on your plate. With Centori’s powerful newsfeed you can find content at scale to inspire your next blog post or fill a newsletter. 

Loading content is simple. Locate the topic dropdown in the top-left corner and choose a topic cluster to search by. A digest of recent articles will be returned based on the keywords in your topic cluster.

 There are many applications for our newsfeed so let’s get to it.

Inspire your next blog post

This was where Centori was born; for helping organizations curate content for their blog so marketers could focus more on writing rather than searching the web to find out what to write.

Writing quality content is a pain, especially when you have to publish at a regular cadence and keep up on where your industry is headed. Use the topic clusters you have saved in your account to load a personalized newsfeed of content by keyword. Centori integrates with IBM Watson to power our newsfeed, so rest assured the articles you are seeing are the most recent and relevant ones published.

For information on crawling your site to keep us up to date check out our how-to guide here and for a tutorial on using our newsfeed check out our how-to guide here.

Automate your social presence

One social media account can be a bit of a time crunch to manage – but what about 4+? When it comes to managing your social accounts as a business at a minimum you generally have:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

But there’s more – you could use Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram… the list goes on and on. That’s a lot of content that you have to find, though Centori can ease your burden. You can easily load content to share across your social channels with our Buffer and Hootsuite integrations giving you the ability to publish a week’s worth of social content in just minutes,

Create engaging email newsletters

Email marketing is done best when it is fine-tuned to the interests of your contacts. Don’t just send a host of email to everyone. Instead, curate lists of contacts for specific types of content that is relevant to your industry and business.

You can use the auto-generated newsfeed of course, or the custom keyword search to find articles specific to a topic you want to cover and curate for. Maybe you have a specific sub-section of your industry you want to send a weekly newsletter on; with Centori’s topic search you can load a digest of content around a topic for your industry to fill your next newsletter.

Next steps

Try using our curated newsfeed to start automating parts of your content strategy today!