How to Guide: Creating Tasks

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Centori supports a lightweight yet powerful task management system and content calendar to map out your content at scale.

Use Tasks as a ‘to do’ for the day, week, or quarter to ensure that your team is on the same page.

There are two ways that tasks can be created: from our newsfeed to save an article, or directly from the Tasks section of Centori.

Tasks in the newsfeed

To save an article as a task, select a topic cluster from the dropdown to load articles into the newsfeed. On each article will be a ‘save as task’ button.

Clicking this will open a window with the URL field pre-filled with the article URL, and the option to fill in additional fields such as title, notes, assignee, due date, topic, and task status.

When a task is assigned, the assignee will receive an email notification with a link to view the task. The day before the task is due another notification will be sent to the assignee.


To manage your tasks head to ‘Tasks’ in the main menu. Once there you will see your current tasks laid out in a table with the option to create a new task (button top right) or filter existing tasks by assignee (dropdown lefthand side):

Click the button to create a new task, be sure to enter a title, description, type, due date, and assignee.

You can update tasks by clicking the name of the task on the far left column of the table, and delete them by clicking ‘Remove’ in the far right column. Task status are color coded for easy table scanning to see how they are in motion.

We provide a calendar view as well allowing you to view tasks by date, as well as drag and drop to move to a different date.

And that’s it! 

Use tasks to map out and assign content across your team and create content at scale.