How to Guide: Using our Newsfeed to find content

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about creating quality content, whether it’s creating content for your blog or sharing content on social media to build a following.

Creating an endless stream of content can be daunting, but with our content curation system you can receive a digest of the latest top content by topic for your industry.

Our curation system is one of the most powerful features available in Centori.

On viewing you’ll note a list of ‘Constellations’ that are saved for your account. Constellations are clusters of keywords around a topic for your business. We auto-create constellations when we crawl your website to suggest topics you should be creating content around, though if there is a topic you want to cover and are not currently covering we allow you to custom create your own.

These keyword clusters are important because it’s not just about searching for one keyword, it’s about knowing the 5-10 keywords related to that topic that your prospects and customers are searching for too. With our powerful keyword analysis we can do the hard work for you, just suggest a topic you care about and we’ll pull the related keywords together for you to review.

In order to find content your prospects care about all you need to do is head to the newsfeed in your account and choose a topic to search by. We’ll curate a stream of content around each keyword in the Constellation giving you a full digest.

Power your blog strategy

Your Centori account comes with a lightweight task management system and calendar to manage your content strategy.

Use the content you find in our digest to repurpose for your blog, when you click ‘Save as Task’ on an article a form will pop up allowing you to save the article from the newsfeed along with notes in repurposing it as your own blog post, set a due date to get a reminder, or if you have a Starter account you can assign the task to a team member.

Automate your social strategy

If you have a Buffer or Hootsuite account you can connect it to your Centori account to schedule content directly from the newsfeed we curate for you. Studies show 60% of the content you share on social media should be from around the industry and not from your own website.

Fortunately with our Buffer and Hootsuite integrations you can schedule a host of content to your connected accounts and ensure you’re always sharing relevant content to your followers.

Start using the power of the Centori curation system to automate your content stream today – use it to find blog content, share content with social, or build newsletters to build a compelling content strategy.