Now live: Enhanced SEO insights for tracked pages

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When it comes to improving your rank on Google, you need to make sure that your content is fully optimized for the web. That can be hard to do at scale though, not to mention difficult if you aren’t a web developer.

Our latest enhancement to our SEO tools will give you everything you need to manage and review the pages on your website so you can outrank your competition.

We’re excited to introduce our new page insights, giving you a comprehensive view of the pages we are tracking across your website as well as impactful keyword and SEO data to help you improve them.

When it comes to improving your website’s rank on Google and being found by search engines, you need to know the keywords you want to rank for and use them effectively across your website. At Centori we’ve focused on identifying keywords for you, but when it comes to ensuring they are actually used across your website – that part has been missing. That’s why we are adding insights into your tracked pages in our SEO tools.  

Let’s dive in to see how you can start leveraging this today.

What is it

Every time we scan your website we store the pages we analyze in our SEO tools under the ‘manage pages’ section. We’ve added a new button to the table though which opens up a side panel with insights and actionable information about that page.

When it comes SEO and optimizing your pages you need to ensure you are using the right keywords across the page, and that your content is an appropriate length and structured properly for SEO best practices. Google’s job is to answer questions, so providing quality and informative content is the best way to appear on the first page of results. Doing that can be difficult, which is where our page analysis lends a helping hand.

You can view the topic that page is associated with, the length of the content on that page (blog posts should be over 1000 words) and a count of how many times the keywords for that topic cluster actually appear in the page’s content.

We provide more advanced tooling for our Starter customers: page meta data. Upgraded Starter users can view the headers, meta description, and more on their pages along with helpful suggestions and recommendations for improvements.

Take a look for yourself:

All accounts will get the panel pictured above with data for word count and recommendations, as well as keyword usage across the page. Starter accounts will get advanced SEO metrics like meta data, header usage, and more:

We’ve also made some minor changes to our page table to consolidate the actions you can take into helpful icons. To move the page from one topic to another click the ‘pencil’ icon, to view the SEO data click the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, and to remove the page from your account click the ‘trashcan’ icon.

Who gets it

Basic page data is available for all Centori users, Free and Starter.

Starter users benefit from our more advanced page analysis and recommendations for improvements. Starter accounts support weekly automatic scanning of their websites to ensure the pages in their accounts are up to date.

Don’t have a Centori account yet? Learn more about our product offering and how to create a free account by clicking the button below.


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