Hi there, we're Centori

Tired of SEO being complicated?

SEO can be complex and there’s more than enough conflicting information out there that it makes your head spin. I don’t know about you, but we’re tired of increasing traffic to my website becoming a series of hoops to jump through.

Expensive hoops too.

Centori is about making SEO accessible, giving you access to proven methods to grow your traffic and, dare we say it, making SEO simple. We don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink onto your desktop and let you figure it out. We believe that SEO is technical enough, so we provide simple tools and guidance so that you can focus more on growing your traffic and less on decoding our platform.

Centori is a software platform complete with in-app trainings to take you from SEO zero to hero. SEO can be broken down into three things: put your content in the best position possible to rank, find new opportunities to rank, and create content that helps you rank.

That’s it. Everything you need to improve your rank and drive traffic to your website.

Our values

Be your own customer

We take our customers seriously at Centori, that’s because we’re one of our own customers. We use our own platform day in and day out to improve our rank. When we founded Centori it was to build an SEO tool we loved, and we hope you’ll love it too.

Empower small teams

We believe in entrepreneurs and small businesses. Starting a business takes guts, but growing one is even harder. It shouldn’t be that way. We’re here for you, and will empower you to grow every step of the way.

Give 110%

It’s a given that you should give 100%, so we aim to give a bit extra. You’re putting your heart and soul into your business, and we are too. From every tool to piece of content we create we bring you our best so you can be your best.

Knowledge is power

It’s not just about SEO software, it’s about helping individuals grow and grow their businesses. A simple tool is a great thing, but we believe the true power in any tool comes from education which is why we are committed to showing you how, as well as empowering you how to do.

Hi, I'm Tyler

It’s great to meet you!

If you’re a founder, marketer, or anyone who wants to learn more about SEO and how to get results out of their website you’re in the right place. I’ve worked in marketing for large and small companies, and even did a stint at HubSpot for 4+ years where I helped thousands of customers learn how to market their business. 

All along the road I kept seeing how much of a barrier there was for people who just want to increase the traffic to their site and actually rank on Google.


So... what's 'Centori'?

We either get centaurs or pasta sauce – it depends on who you ask.

Naming is hard, so we looked to what inspired us: space. For thousands of years people have used the stars to tell stories and find their way. Centori is a play on the constellation Alpha Centauri which depicts Chiron the centaur who trained the Greek heroes (like Hercules!). 

In a way it’s fitting. You’re on a mission to grow your business and we’re here to guide you there. 

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