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Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just getting started, our content optimization editor will guide you to write better content that ranks. 

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draft editor

Take the guesswork out of writing

There are millions of new pages being indexed by Google every day, make sure yours is a cut above the rest. Our guided editor will show you ways to improve your post structure, keyword usage, and more so you can make sure it’s perfect once you publish it.

Improve your content

Google loves clearly written content. Their job is to provide the best answers for the millions of questions they are asked daily, so the clearer your content the higher your chances of ranking. 

Our editor checks for wordy/confusing sentences as well as overuse of adverbs and passive voice so you can clear out the clutter and focus on writing great content.

Review optimization tips in real time

Google cares about the little things.

Things like post structure, how authoritative your content is, and whether you are doing your homework.

I know, a lot of things to keep track of but don’t worry – Centori keeps track of them for you so all you have to do is right and we’ll guide you through the rest.

Outrank your competitors with advanced SEO insights

Set a focus keyword for your post and Centori does the heavy lifting. 

Review your keyword usage throughout the post along with recommendations based on your top ranking competitors. Before you hit ‘publish’ on your site, make sure you’ve got a piece of content that can rank #1.

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