How to generate sales from social media

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While social media represents one potential avenue for expanding your business’ brand recognition, you may not realize how valuable social media can be in other ways too. According to Econsultancy, social media places fifth behind email marketing, SEO, content marketing and paid searches in terms of return on investment.

The article noted above came from a study conducted in 2016. With how quickly social media has become ubiquitous in all aspects of society, you can only imagine how much the value of social media to generate sales has increased in that time.

This article will focus on how you can leverage social media to provide value for your business to its fullest extent. In order to accomplish this task, we will examine how to generate sales from the major social media platforms. Many of these tips may overlap with each other as many social media sites rely on the same tactics. However, examining them in each in depth will provide a full scope of how to generate sales from social media. We will end with some concluding remarks on where to go from here.

Facebook Sales

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2018 approximately 68% of adults use Facebook. Three quarters of those users log into Facebook every day.

Facebook can provide a unique advantage because it allows users to generate sales through an entirely organic strategy. Cost effectiveness is an important advantage that Facebook possesses over other methods of generating sales.

In order to start generating sales from Facebook, marketers must create content for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Centori has discussed the buyer’s journey in a past blog post but a quick recap of this journey consists of awareness, consideration and conversion. Crafting content to accompany the buyer on each stage of this journey is inherently important because often a prospective buyer will take time navigating this journey.

In order to think about what your buyer’s journey might be, put yourself in their shoes. Defining the buyer’s journey could consist of imagining your prospects discovering they have a problem, finding your business as a solution, evaluating their options by considering the benefits of your solution, comparing your solution to others out there and making a final purchase decision.

Content at each of these stages could include analyst reports and expert content at the awareness stage, live interactions and videos at the consideration stage and case studies and a vendor comparison at the decision stage.

So much can be said about tailoring content for the buyer’s journey. Check out this link for more information on the process.

Before moving on to the next social media platform, another advantage of Facebook is Facebook groups. Creating or joining a Facebook group in your industry allows you to build a strong base of customers and other leaders in your field.

Generating sales would entail incentivizing recent customers to join a group. Engaging in a dialogue with customers through Facebook groups, especially right after purchasing something, can allow you to establish a relationship with them. Establishing this relationship would allow you to help them achieve a fast solution to their problems and you can even use Facebook groups as an opportunity to give exclusive customers a sale on a particular deal or product.

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Instagram Sales

There are so many tips on how to best leverage Instagram. Let’s start with a few basic tips on generating sales before moving to other techniques.

Sales from Instagram depend on creating a following and using the power of hashtags. In order to grow an engaged following on Instagram, make sure you are an active user. Liking, commenting and engaging with other users within your target market can be an organic way to grow your following.

Using hashtags is also a key feature of Instagram. Discovering the most frequently used hashtags in your industry will make it easier for potential customers to find you. Conducting research into your industry by looking at hashtags used by other Instagram accounts and blending a mix of common and unique hashtags are essential to build sales on Instagram.

In your posts themselves, make sure to post compelling, eye-catching images of your products or services in action. Creating a candid post of someone or something at your business conveys authenticity. Stock images will not distinguish yourself from the competition.

While much more can be said about Instagram, two final tips to increase Instagram sales include running retargeting campaigns and making friends with influencers. Retargeting campaigns involve featuring a product or service on your website or perhaps a mobile application that reappears at a later point on Instagram. The advantage of using Instagram in this way is that it provides an opportunity to run an ad with multiple, related products to what they were searching for on your website.

Finally, Instagram possesses a unique group of people called influencers. This group of highly-followed users can provide a great opportunity to increase sales. Reaching out to them to build a relationship with them (and possibly offering a discount on your product or service) will allow them to market your product to their following. This usage will ultimately lead back to your website with the possibility of making numerous sales.

There are so many other tips on leveraging Instagram effectively. Check out this link for more information on how to use this platform to advance your sales goals.

Twitter Sales

In this brief look at generating sales from social media, let’s conclude by looking at Twitter. Twitter’s own analytics say 66% of users discover a new business on Twitter, 94% are planning to buy something from businesses they follow on Twitter and 69% of people have bought something from a tweet.

Before examining tweets themselves, consider looking at your Twitter biography. Even though it is only 160 words, it can be a great place to link to your latest content on your website, could include a call-to-action or feature a strong hashtag. The Twitter biography is the first touchpoint potential customers encounter when looking at your Twitter profile. Devoting time to this biography is essential to keep them on your page. 

Now, in order to generate sales on Twitter, look at the content of tweets themselves. Images, links, videos and status updates can all be tweeted but some are more effective than others. Live videos are one of the best ways to leverage Twitter as, according to the website itself, videos receive 3x as many retweets as GIFs and 6x as many as images. These retweets expand your business’ brand recognition but also allows you to engage with many people interested in your products or services. 

Finally, Twitter’s search feature allows you to find potential leads by searching for your niche market. Using this feature will allow you to engage with customers talking about your products or services as well as others in your industry. By proactively searching for sales, you will be able to engage in a conversation with and establish a relationship with prospective customers.

Your Next Steps 

Generating sales from social media can seem like a daunting task. However, some final tips to think about to generate sales include researching to discover where your audience can be found. Perhaps they use a social media site more frequently than the others and you can focus your efforts there. Working with influencers and sharing user-generated content from your audience are two other ways of expanding your potential for sales on social media. Seeing the value of your content in action is inherently valuable for a potential new group of customers. Examples of these techniques in practice can be found at this story appearing on Mention. 

Ultimately, the more sales you can generate from social media, the more likely it is that customers become brand advocates. Accomplishing this task is perhaps the best way you can utilize social media to its fullest extent of being a platform both for sharing content and generating sales. 

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