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Enter a topic or keyword and Centori does the rest. Centori provides you with dozens of related keywords, search data, competitor info and more to help you choose the best keywords to target and get the most out of your content. 

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  • Monthly search volume
  • Competitiveness
  • Cost per click
  • Top ranking competitors
  • Your own rank and search impressions

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Got a keyword? Centori can show you who is ranking for it, their average rank, and the estimated amount of traffic they get each month. 

Centori makes it easy to dig deep into any keyword.

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Centori integrates with Google Search Console to provide deep insights for any keyword.

Track your performance in search, your search rank, and clickthroughs for any keyword in your list. With Centori you can find keywords you are ranking well for, and keywords you might be underperforming for and should focus on to beat your competition.

Centori makes keyword research a breeze

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